Quickchoice Limited

About Us

Quickchoice incorporated as a limited company in 1989 and over the years has grown into a leading company providing a complete versatile operation extending from sourcing, analysing, developing and testing new fabric ranges and providing quality dyeing and printing services that has positively benefited the garment manufacturing industry.  

Conveniently located in central England with great strategic logistical advantages, the company has continued to develop contacts and grow in strength and flourish into one of the UK's leading wholesale fabric manufacturing, importing and exporting companies.   Extensive investment has taken place in updating machinery and equipment in order to stay abreast of ground-breaking developments within the textile industry and our product range has been well received in the United Kingdom and other European countries.

Our inventive, resourceful and friendly sales team has gained many years of unrivaled experience and knowledge in the textile trade and is readily available to provide the necessary support and guidance to help find exactly the type of fabric you are looking for. This is in addition to working closely with our clients to provide a sourcing service for new and innovative fabrics with the ability to match to exact shades. The printing arm works in conjunction with external pioneers in rotary, screen and advanced digital printing techniques.

With our wealth of experience and knowledgeable contact database in designing , manufacturing , dyeing and printing , you can be assured of the highest standards of unsurpassed quality throughout all stages of your garment production. You can expect to receive, and indeed will receive, extremely competitive pricing as well as rapid turnaround times that will most certainly surprise you.

Quickchoice is proud of it's outstanding reputation and client exclusivity, satisfaction record and confidentiality. We pay careful attention to quality and take pride in all aspects irrespective of size in each job that we do. We understand that they are not only a reflection on your Company but on us as well and if making you look good makes us look good, then we will make you look very, very good.